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I am influenced by the artistic movement of the 20th Century which comprised diverse styles and techniques with the emphasis on the artists freedom to convey attitude and emotions through non traditional means.

During the eighties and nineties I studied Contemporary art and textile embroidery in Canada, and the United States. I contributed to magazines of the day and formed my own Company producing beautiful needlework kits based on 19th century Berlin Wool Work. On returning to England I continued studying at Guildford College. During the mid 90's the switch was made to art. I have found the principles of design, working on different surfaces, and purely being experimental have helped tremendously in making art my principal discipline. Over the years I have continued to study and experiment with my work at St.Ives School of Art, The Royal Academy, and Chelsea College of Art. All of these fine institutions have fed my passion for experimental work and continuous learning, for which I am a great advocate.


  • Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015/2016/2018

  • Royal West of England Academy 2014/18/19

  • Affordable Art Fair Chelsea and Hampstead (Not current work)

  • A list is available on request