I am influenced by everyday events, and how my mind interprets and processes these happenings.  My work proposes another way of seeing and feeling

During the ’80s I lived in North America where I studied art, and embroidery  specialising in 19th century needlework. Returning to the UK I studied Textile Art, Design and contemporary embroidery.

After graduating, I found working on canvas and other supports far more exciting and spontaneous: the principles I had learned stayed the same.


Railway Sidings

Railway Sidings

My minimalist paintings although abstract in appearance contain a hidden depth of marks and layers which reveal a jewel like burnished effect as hints of colour are exposed. The content within my signature shape veers from the energy and exuberance of mark making to the quiet contemplation of a straight line. The lively and the contemplative.  




Abstract work plays a huge part in my creative output allowing me to explore larger themes and ideas which eventually return me to the serenity of my minimalist work.