My current work is about clouds. Ideas which were born at the beginning of lockdown, and when without interruption I  was able to dream. The faded grandeur of ancient buildings, and big billowy clouds depicted in Renaissance and Baroque paintings, plus the reconsideration of my early work were the inspiration for this new body of work.  

The layers of peeling paint and washed out colour recall a time of beauty that once was, when beautiful paintings graced the walls of domestic dwellings.  My interpretation of these old paintings  some of which are distressed, suggest another time another place.  Hints of Gold and bronze plus difficult to decipher ancient text can be found within the paintings. 

My Story

During the eighties and nineties I studied contemporary art and textile embroidery in Canada and the United States. On returning to England I continued studies at Guildford College now West Surrey School of Art and Design.  During the mid nineties I made the switch to art.  I have found the principles of design, working on different surfaces, and purely being experimental have helped tremendously in making art my principal discipline. 

I have exhibited in major exhibitions including the Royal Academies Open Exhibitions, plus contemporary galleries in the UK and USA.

For information where current work can be viewed please contact me.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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